Simply floating in warm salty water is the most relaxing experience on Earth


The Benefits of Floating

The Benefits of Floating

Floatation therapy is such a simple idea that some of the benefits seem too good to be true.  But they are real and scientific research has validated the health giving and performance enhancing effects.

It is well known that relaxing sleep in bed is essential to good health and often the best way to recover from stress and illness.  Our bodies have amazing powers of recuperation and we just need the chance to relax to let these powers work.

Floating in a flotation therapy tank is even more relaxing.  The deep relaxation state achieved allows the body to recover from stress. Pain is relieved.  Blood flow is stimulated through all the tissues, natural endorphins are released, the brain gives out alpha waves associated with relaxation and meditation.  It feels good.

Usually it takes perhaps fifteen minutes to enter the first deep stage of relaxation, and the remaining 45 minutes of a typical hour-long session seem to pass quickly and effortlessly.  The benefits begin during this stage but continue after yo u leave the tank and for the rest of the day, and the next day, your body and mind feel refreshed.


Floating to Reduce Pain

Pain - Floating really is a pain reduction technique, thanks to our natural response to relaxation.

Pain is a mysterious feeling. While it's value in avoiding injury is obvious, it is not always obvious what benefit it has in chronic pain. However our bodies have natural pain killers which are just as effective, in fact often much more effective than drugs. They are called endorphins, a class of hormones. Hormones are very powerful chemical messengers which control all aspects of our bodies. We do not have conscious control of them but they work for us all the time.

Now here is the good news. Floating in warm water automatically causes profound relaxation. Profound relaxation causes the brain to release endorphins which control pain. That's how floating in a float tank reduces pain. This effect is powerful and has been demonstrated in research, and experienced many, many times by pain sufferers.


Conditions known to be Improved by Floating

These are just a few of the conditions known to be improved by floating:

  • Stress relief
  • Muscular pain
  • Rheumatism
  • Chronic pain
  • Fatigue Fertility
  • High blood pressure
  • Migraine headache
  • Jet lag
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Back pain
  • Depression
  • Pre-menstrual tension
  • Post-natal depression


Fertility Benefits of Floating

It is said one couple in seven has problems when they try for a baby. There are many reasons but, one of the most important is also one we can help with - Stress.

Floatation therapy is the most powerful stress relief technique known. For fertility treatment, we recommend for women, is a course of ten floats in a month, approximately every two to three days right through the fertile period. The degree of relaxation achieved is wonderful and will of course benefit you in many ways but if stress is the principal cause of your failure to conceive, then floating really is the best treatment.

Floating has been shown many times (and in controlled studies) compared to bed rest, to be the most relaxing experience on earth. Relaxation measured by perceived stress, by hormone measurement and by brain waves all confirm the truth of this claim. Floating is easy, no skill is required and we offer special ten session prices to fit in with our recommendation for fertility treatment. It makes no difference what time of day you float because the effects last for two to three days. We are open from ten till ten every day.

We believe the benefit of floating is the same for natural conception and for IVF treatments.


Sport Benefits of Floating

How can floating help a sports person like a Golfer?

The answer is in more ways than one. First there is rest and recovery from injury, golf can be bad for your back.

Secondly there is focus, this is a demonstrated effect of floating before competition. Floating allows your subconscious to concentrate. Why is this important? Did you hear about the championship golfer who lost his edge when he took time out to write a book about technique? It turns out that a sure way to put any athlete off his stride is to ask him to explain in detail how he does it. The conscious brain is too slow and maybe "in the wrong place" for a good golf swing. The physical coordination to catch a ball, to strike a ball, even just to walk along is housed in our subconscious, and stress interferes with its function.


Overcome Insomnia by Floating

Insomnia - floating will reduce stress and give your body a chance to sleep.

Sleep is part of our natural life, and whilst still mysterious in some ways has obvious benefits experienced by us all. How sad therefore that our restorative sleep sometimes eludes us. There are thousands of reasons compounded from our individual experiences. However one stands out - stress. Stress has many meanings but in an unfair vicious circle, being deprived of sleep is itself a major stress.

There is a solution. Floating in a float tank will release stress and allow you to sleep.


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