Simply floating in warm salty water is the most relaxing experience on Earth


Reduce Pain by Floating

Floating to Reduce Pain

Pain - Floating really is a pain reduction technique, thanks to our natural response to relaxation.

Pain is a mysterious feeling. While it's value in avoiding injury is obvious, it is not always obvious what benefit it has in chronic pain. However our bodies have natural pain killers which are just as effective, in fact often much more effective than drugs. They are called endorphins, a class of hormones. Hormones are very powerful chemical messengers which control all aspects of our bodies. We do not have conscious control of them but they work for us all the time.

Now here is the good news. Floating in warm water automatically causes profound relaxation. Profound relaxation causes the brain to release endorphins which control pain. That's how floating in a float tank reduces pain. This effect is powerful and has been demonstrated in research, and experienced many, many times by pain sufferers.

We have many float customers who have tried floating to relieve pain and find to their amazement and relief that they can live with reduced levels of pain killing drugs, often with no pain killers at all. This after many years dependency sometimes.

Endorp hins are also released in vigorous exercise, this may be a natural and useful defense against pain in "fight or flight" situations. However it is not always easy or possible to use exercise to "work out" pain. Floating on the other hand is as peaceful and safe as any activity you can imagine. In fact floating in a float tank must rank as just about the safest thing you can do, safer than bed rest which often is not a cure for pain. Bed rest always involves contact pressure which shuts off the blood flow locally requiring you to move and adjust your posture regularly. Tossing and turning is not good for pain relief!

Floating is a perfectly still experience with no contact points, no movement, no postural muscle action. The release of endorphins to kill pain is a completely natural and powerful effect working alongside natural healing and repair processes.


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