Simply floating in warm salty water is the most relaxing experience on Earth




Oslo - Norway

CARNA by Gitte Brage

Stavanger - Norway

Floataway 3D models

Floataway have a 3D warehouse of models available to use in your designs, drop them directly into your floor plans using Sketchup the free 3D modelling software.

Why Choose Floataway?

Floataway is the only company in the world :

  • With its own factory designing and making float tanks
  • Offering more than one model of float tank
  • Offering to modify product or to make new designs thanks to our own design and factory resources.
  • Run by qualified engineers and designers (Colin is a Chartered Engineer and Toby has a first class honours degree in Product Design)
  • With a ten year history of float tank innovation
  • To publish its customers' list and has supplied more float tanks to more countries than any other manufacturer
  • Operating float centres in more than one country
  • Offering production, couple floating, float tanks

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