Simply floating in warm salty water is the most relaxing experience on Earth



Tank Me

Drøbak, Norway

CARNA by Gitte Brage

Stavanger - Norway

Floataway 3D models

Floataway have a 3D warehouse of models available to use in your designs, drop them directly into your floor plans using Sketchup the free 3D modelling software.

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Why Choose Floataway?

Floataway Float tanks, tubs, pools, pods and cabins are designed to be installed into existing buildings, through standard doors and carried through corridors, and up stairs! It's an important point, floatation products are big, most other companies products in the market have not been designed for this, all ours are from the very early design stage.  In really tight spaces we make the parts to be joined after carrying in with our own bolted flange and super white bonding system.  If your space is difficult please ask our advice, it is free and saves difficulties later.