Simply floating in warm salty water is the most relaxing experience on Earth




Oslo - Norway

CARNA by Gitte Brage

Stavanger - Norway

Why Choose Floataway?

  • Has a unique motorised door for easy access and luxury feel.
  • It has a unique registered design shape widely thought to be the most beautiful float tank in production.
  • It is produced in acrylic, the only float tank in the world to be produced in this superior material for long life and easy maintenance.
  • Can be supplied in real gold or real silver finish as well as any acrylic paint colour. (extra price)
  • Is the only float tank with all its technical parts fitted by clever design within the footprint of the tub.
  • Is the only tank in the world with a motorised door which is the best end-of-session signalling device ever devised for a commercial float tank.

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