Simply floating in warm salty water is the most relaxing experience on Earth


You have found the experts who design and make the worlds most beautiful float tanks, pods, cabins, rooms and pools. Based in the UK we have been designing and building Floatation products since 1999. Our team is made up of award winning qualified design consultants, company directors, and experienced technicians, with over 60 years experience, including being part of the design team of Concord, British Airways supersonic jet, Floataway is the choice of the industry. On going design improvements to meet the very latest standards around the world, Floataway leads the way in technical advancements.


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Floataway 3D models

Floataway have a 3D warehouse of models available to use in your designs, drop them directly into your floor plans using Sketchup the free 3D modelling software.

Why Choose Floataway?

Floataway is the only company offering the following technical services :

  • Different disinfection schemes to suit different countries, i.e chlorine based, peroxide based with ultra-violet filter or bromine based, with experience of supplying each of these in production
  • A control system that can include as well as session control, full REDOX disinfection and pH control for automation (optional extras). (It is expected that DIN standards requiring full REDOX control will gradually become requirement is Europe.)
  • Technical innovations to suit customers one off requirements.
  • Standard float tank technical packs to bespoke one-off float pools.
  • The Floataway top entry cartridge filter system is unique, designed and manufactured only by Floataway.  It avoids losing salt water when changing cartridges.

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